About Us

Just because we close our laptops at 5 p.m. doesn’t mean that we’re done for the day. In fact, when we leave the office, we’re often running to the gym, to late dinners — we’ve got a social life, too. But, that also means that we’re carrying a yoga mat, a zesty pair of heels and all the contents of our vanity, in addition to our heavy laptops and many more. Ending up letting everyone know where we’ve been and where we’re heading next. So we’ve found a crazy-easy solution that’ll help you streamline your long-wear makeup or chip makeup.

We have a solution to maintain your look from A.M. to P.M.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. From professional to social interactions, this adege holds true even today. Our Makeup courses are short intensive courses that enhance the skills required to turn first encounters into impressive ones.

These courses are designed to not only polish participants’ skills but also make them shine in any setting, thereby helping them add value to personality. This is achieved by imparting practical knowledge which increases flair, sophistication  confidence and looks.

Our unmatched curriculum, expert trainers and conducive learning environment make these courses a unique learning experience.