Makeup natureHello pretty ladies,
How are you doing today? We finally are really happy to see the rain pouring to be honest, after the scorching summers these rainy days are making me feel go wowwww!!!!

Well, today I’m here to share little details about makeup. This is just a start beauties, we’ll update every little details about the makeup and products you should use and how to use.

“Makeup should never be used to hide your flaws; it should be used to enhance your natural beauty.”

Nowadays definition of makeup has changed a lot. In my opinion when someone wears a makeup it should be minimal which gives breathing space to your own skin. One can use makeup as a tool to make normal features look extraordinarily highlighted.

Gone are the dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz when someone decides what to wear and how to match makeup with it. Nowadays when someone buys clothes they always think what kind of look to match with. Some clothes need highlighting of the eyes, some need highlighting of your jaw line whereas, some need highlighting of your lips. So different clothes, different looks work wonderfully for every female. For e.g. if we use eyeliner there are 10 different ways to wear it. However, without realizing we apply eyeliner in the same way……….

Any Ideas in what ways you can use to apply eyeliner???  And also let us know which eyeliner do u use, mention the brand as well.

We’ll get back to you soon. Stay healthy, stay gorgeous.

Content by Renu Bhargava

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