New Ways To Wear Eyeliner

Check put five cool new ways to get creative with your eyeliner. Try these new ways to wear eyeliner to get colorful and completely unexpected eye looks.

New Ways To Wear Eyeliner

5 Cool New Ways to Wear Eyeliner



1. Embellished Eyes

Give conventional kohl and eye shadow a miss-instead, do tiny crystals along your lower lash line for a sparkling effect.

2. Coloured Lines

A vivid stream all around the eye is a daunting prospect,Tint only the waterline or a subtle lash or go all out and line both lids in the same hue.

3. Sooty Lines

Trace a black pencil from the middle of the upper lash line to the outer corner.Then follow with black cream liner and finally, black liquid liner. At the outer corner, add a chunky wedge (using cream liner) that looks smudged on.

4. Smoky Liner

Run a brown pencil along the top lashes and scribble it halfway up the lid like shadow. Use fingers to blend it into the crease and around the outer corner. Trace a smooth black pencil along the lower lash line and buff it out with your finger.

5.Dual Flicks

Line your upper lash line using a liquid liner and create dual casual flicks -keeping the one on top slightly longer.