Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Hair this Monsoon

Hair Care Tips for MonsoonHey beauties!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the rain… I’m so glad that God is being so kind on all of us by preventing us from the hot, sweaty weather… he is not very kind with my hair though.

As you know monsoon always brings damage to your… it happens due to the excessive amount of humidity present in the air… it takes away the moisture from our hair and makes it rough, brittle and dull… however, my beautiful ladies you don’t need to worry about a thing as I’m here with some tips which can help you protect your hair this monsoon.

Tips to Protect Hair in Monsoon

  1. Try and keep the hair and scalp as dry as possible. Make sure you dry them properly after shampoo. Allow hair to dry out naturally instead of using hair dryers as it will make your hair more brittle and lifeless.
  2. Try and avoid getting your hair wet in the rains, as the pollutants may weaken the shaft bonds, making your hair look dull and limp. Cover your hair with a scarf or a cap before stepping out to protect the hair from humidity.
  3. Since the weather is a bit unpredictable, the hair tends to become frizzy. I would suggest you to use a stronger conditioner and a little amount of serum in your hair to keep the frizz out.
  4. Try to keep the hair tied during monsoon season as loose hair will get more tangled and look more greasy and oily as well.
  5. And last but not the least, Increase water and fluid intake to keep yourself hydrated…

People try and follow the tips above and let us know the feedback…

Enjoy the weather girls. Take care!!!!

Content by Renu Bhargava

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